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My name is Taylor Englebert.

I am a daughter of the Most High King, wife to Zach, and mother of two boys (Ryan age 4 and Riley age 2). Life has been a wild ride in the last two years for my health and for the overall health of our family. After many years of trying to have children we discovered that I had a blood clotting disorder and that’s why we were having miscarriage after miscarriage. God blessed us with not only one sweet miracle baby but then two years later he shocked us with another miracle baby. During this pregnancy I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and told to terminate my pregnancy. I did not, I stood on faith that at first was not there. We both not only survived but every tumor was removed from my body. Six weeks following this my body clotted and I had my first stroke in church on a Sunday morning. May 6, 2019. Since this happened we have had to depend on God for strength, others for help in various ways, and lean on each other. The road here has not been and is not an easy one. Around one year ago I felt God impress on my heart to start writing. I began writing different things down so that I would remember later on, journaling health and emotional things. Then I felt Him really press on me to dig deeper and share the testimony that He is giving me. Notice I didn’t say had given me, you see He is not through yet. My body does not feel restored, but my full restoration is coming. I pray that if you are stumbling across this blog that we can be of encouragement in some way to you. Thank you for joining us in this journey of life and please let us know a little bit about yourself because we would love to get to pray for you as well.


Blue Willow

This past weekend we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus. My kiddos loved everything about it and were so excited!Saturday evening we were having dinner with my in-laws and I decided to make a blueberry pound cake. I have been wanting to bake one for longer than I can even remember. My Aunt Pat always had …


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